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VIMANA Blockchain Airspace Intro

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VIMANA Official Demo Reel 2017

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VIMANA AAVs special?

VIMANA Global is a facilities-based network operator of a blockchain network that is literally lifted into the air by VIMANA fleet of Vertical Take Off and Landing Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (VTOL AAVs) and other vessels interoperable with VIMANA`s network. Based on a breakthrough patent-pending invention that allows VIMANA combine capabilities of an airplane, helicopter and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) on a single platform, VIMANA is using blockchain technology to operate its aircraft and enable blockchain applications in the air at the same time.

What is VIMANA Universe?

Vimana Universe consists of three parts: VIMANA Network (our Blockchain Airspace nodes located within our AAVs and TOLAs), VIMANA partner network (parties interoperating with out network and DNA protocols) and VIMANA Ecosystem (parties seeking business relationship with VIMANA, among these parties -- smart cities and smart companies).

What is VIMANA Network?

VIMANA Network consists of VIMANA AAVs and Terrestrial Nodes. Both have VIMANA blockchain airspace nodes installed. VIMANA Network is of dual use: it allows for VIMANA AAV and compatible aircraft operation and for third parties accessing Blockchain Airspace via VIMANA Network.


Who is behind VIMANA?

CEO Evgeni Borisov and two other co-founders, have more than fifty years of corporate, engineering and venture experience. VIMANA founders are backed by a team of advisors that includes Mark Iwanowski, former MD of Oracle, Michael Lopez-Allegria, recent commander of International Space Station and Principal at MLA Space, and Karin Nilsdotter, CEO of Spaceport Sweden and future astronaut. VIMANA is funded with millions of dollars raised from angel investors.

What are VIMANA`s plans for deployment?

While Urban Air Mobility is the main market for VIMANA, we should point out that our product development map also involves other verticals that could use our AAVs and blockchain technology. These markets are: oil and gas exploration and production, agriculture, specifically spraying and dusting swarm missions, and remote assets inspection and surveillance (useful to monitor construction or infrastructure conditions.)

Founder Bio

VIMANA was founded by three friends, aerospace engineers and businessmen united by their desire to change the way people fly. Evgeni Borisov, CEO and co-founder of VIMANA Global, Inc., has more than fifteen years of corporate executive experience, including executive work at Toshiba and Philips. Borisov leads VIMANA`s vision to develop novel Autonomous Aerial Vehicle technology and blockchain-backed Airspace Management Platform.