March 01, 2018
VIMANA Enhances the Security of its Blockchain Airspace Platform with WISeKey Root of Trust Technology

VIMANA Global is partnering with WISeKey to increase the level of security for its VIMANA Blockchain Airspace platform. This will be a key element to meet VIMANA Global’s strategy for Urban Air Mobility Programs in Smart Cities, which focuses on security guarantees for its platform.

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February 23, 2018
VIMANA Global Integrates SolarCoin Solutions to Feed its Hybrid VTOL AAVs with Solar Energy

VIMANA Global is partnering with SolarCoin to utilize SolarCoin’s alternative energy solution for VIMANA’s Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (AAVs). Through the part- nership, the companies plan to deploy fuel stations around Smart Cities that encompass a Blockchain Airspace. This will enable the use of alternative energy power sources for VIMANA AAVs.

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