VIMANA Participated in the triumphant 2018 Crypto ICO Summit in Zurich

VIMANA Global, the leading vertical takeoff and landing, unmanned aerial vehicles blockchain platform, participated in Crypto ICO Summit in Zurich.

Over 1300 individuals from all over the world attended the Crypto Summit in Zurich, 36,000 views of the live broadcast have been registered, and the event drew over 18 million Twitter impressions during the first few days. The meeting brought together global influencers, policy makers, investors and entrepreneurs to open dialogue and shape the future of the crypto community. The summit hosted many high-ranking speakers from various countries, including Kathleen Breitmann, one of the top women influencers in Blockchain, Vinny Lingham, Tim Draper, Jon Matonis, Ransu Salovaara, amongst other respected and distinguished presenters.

This edition of the Crypto ICO Summit was called “Shaping Crypto Together”, and it consisted of a series of workshops, panel discussions, and speeches from some of the most renowned names in the world of cryptocurrency. The keynote speech was delivered by Alex Tapscott, co-founder of Blockchain Research Institute and co-author of “Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World”.