VIMANA Global Integrates SolarCoin Solutions to Feed its Hybrid VTOL AAVs with Solar Energy

VIMANA Global is partnering with SolarCoin to utilize SolarCoin’s alternative energy solution for VIMANA’s Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (AAVs). Through the part- nership, the companies plan to deploy fuel stations around Smart Cities that encompass a Blockchain Airspace. This will enable the use of alternative energy power sources for VIMANA AAVs.

VIMANA Global is a facilities-based network operator of a blockchain network that is literally lifted into the air by a VIMANA fleet of VTOL AAVs and other aerial vehicles that interoperable with VIMANA’s network. (VIMANA plans to send its AAVs to the mass market skies in 2023.)

By partnering, the companies will seek a solution to merge ecosystems and solutions to enable VIMANA battery-powered AAVs with access to electricity using SolarCoin’s digital token based on blockchain technology. The tokens are created to incentivize solar producers. Any solar installation owner can register on the SolarCoin network and receive a SolarCoin for each verified MWh (1000 kWh) of solar electricity that they produce.