VIMANA Enhances the Security of its Blockchain Airspace Platform with WISeKey Root of Trust Technology

VIMANA Global is partnering with WISeKey to increase the level of security for its VIMANA Blockchain Airspace platform. This will be a key element to meet VIMANA Global’s strategy for Urban Air Mobility Programs in Smart Cities, which focuses on security guarantees for its platform.

The WISeKey technology is a perfect match for VIMANA’s blockchain-backed airspace ecosystem for managing secure Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) flight paths. Blockchain technology is uniquely suited to power VIMANA’s Airspace Management Platform because of its capacity to validate data in a peer-to-peer network. Each AAV will be a node in the VIMANA network wherein each node validates the flight routes of all other nodes in the network. This ensures that AAVs do not depend on a centralized authority for determining flight direction. With all nodes maintaining constant communication with one another, Blockchain Airspace provides the most efficient and secure way for commuting.

WISeKey RooT of Trust ("RoT") for IoT technology is a unique offering that combines all the hardware, software, and Trust Model required to take the IoT security to a new level. The WISeKey IoT Blockchain is a vertical IoT security framework, a one-stop-shop security software tool with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-integrate API that manages the life-cycle of devices and their digital certificates.  Easy to implement, hard to attack, the WISeKey IoT blockchain framework offers secure solutions even when the IoT device is in an unsecured environment, such as during production or in the field.