VIMANA Has Presented Its Autonomous Dynamic Airspace System vision During “Sustainable Investments and Social Impact of Emerging Technologies”, EmTech IM, Intercontinental Hotel, Davos, 20th of Jan 2020
03 February, 2020

VIMANA keeps enabling global Urban Air Mobility - a $3 trillion potential market. Company’s turnkey solutions fuses novel patented aerodynamic design VTOL Autonomous Aerial Vehicles operated with proprietary Autonomous Dynamic Airspace UAS Traffic Management protocol. The Company has participated in the EmTech Investment Summit that took place at Davos during the World Economic Forum 2020. VIMANA’s CEO - Evgeni Borisov has expanded Company’s vision at “Sustainable Finance: a must for institutional investors” panel and presented VIMANA’s plans for global deployment of a lower airspace autonomous aerial supply chain.


Solution consists of VIMANA’s native VTOL Autonomous Aerial Vehicles and a ground based navigation system operated under the company’s proprietary UAS Traffic Management  protocol. VIMANA’s protocol is accessible to partners and third parties connected to the Ecosystem via open API. Instead of relying on archaic Air Traffic Management infrastructure, VIMANA uses a peer-to-peer and closest-peer communication protocol, allowing Aerial Vehicles to communicate and validate flight data with all relevant Aerial Vehicles in each cluster and with ground control.


Mr. Borisov’s interlocutors were portfolio managers and research analysts representing institutions with combined AUM of $400 billion, namely Sebastiaan Ranner, PM with MN (a fund with $160 billion AuM), Pär Lindstrom, i(x) Investments CIO, Henrik Lundin, CIO at IMAS Foundation, and other flagship funds’ PM/CIO professionals who discovered ​two keys to the newly emerging market and had a chance to foresee the future urban air mobility with VIMANA.


The Company in-house develops and produces super efficient Vertical Take-Off & Landing Autonomous Aerial Vehicles for the transportation of both cargo and passengers. All VIMANA AAVs communicate via a proprietary protocol based on distributed UAS Traffic Management (UTM) that enables low-altitude airspace to be used globally as a novel transportation infrastructure and transaction network.


Deployment of two smartly converged technologies is bringing benefits for governments and TELCOs while answering aerial supply challenges of global E-commerce and freight companies. VIMANA is currently rolling out it's patented technology in Germany, Africa, Saudi Arabia, and has cooperation plans in China, Indonesia, and other ASEAN countries.

While being EU government subsidy supported, VIMANA is presently inviting investors to take part in a new funding round to help spur an initial deployment of the company’s Autonomous Dynamic Airspace system across three "Smart Regions" globally.


Contact: Margo Bogdanova, VIMANA head of PR, [email protected]