VIMANA Tech: What is the future of air traffic control?

The existing air traffic control systems don’t have the capacity to provide the operation of thousands of aircraft within 3D city landscapes. The market requires a scalable and reliable solution to create a foundation for Urban Air Mobility of the future.


To resolve the issue VIMANA Global has created an innovative VIMANA Universe platform.


VIMANA Universe - VIMANA Universe interconnects emerging blockchain airspace with the VIMANA Network, the VIMANA Partner Network, and the VIMANA Ecosystem.


The VIMANA Ecosystem includes partners that VIMANA attracts to our blockchain airspace and well as parties that offer services in blockchain airspace through the VIMANA Network.


VIMANA Network consists of VIMANA AAVs, each hosting a blockchain airspace node, and Terrestrial Nodes, which host blockchain airspace nodes.


Blockchain Airspace - a blockchain-based platform for navigation and coordination of VIMANA and its partners’ aerial vehicles.


The VIMANA Partner Network consists of stakeholders that interoperate blockchain airspace networks, data providers, and protocols.


VIMANA Universe and all its components provide a stable, sustainable and secure platform to resolve the issue of aircraft navigation and coordination. Its scalability allows to deploy VIMANA air mobility infrastructures anywhere. The coverage is defined by the amount and disposition of the nodes. Several VIMANA Networks can be merged into a larger structure allowing VIMANA AAVs to cruise from one city to another.