Space flight industry specialist Jeff Greason joins VIMANA Advisory Board

Vice-Chair of Personal Spaceflight Federation Jeff Greason joins VIMANA advisory board. Jeff Greason has been active in the development of the regulatory environment for the commercial space flight industry. He held the final go/no-go decision on hundreds of rocket engine test firings and more than twenty manned rocket flights. He also served as a flight test engineer aboard one of those flights. Greason was named an Inventor of the Year 2002 by the Time magazine for his team’s work on the EZ-Rocket rocketplane. He holds 22 U.S. patents


“I am excited to join the VIMANA team. The potential of Autonomous Aerial Vehicle in both passenger transportation and cargo transportation markets is underestimated. This is a rare opportunity to participate in the continuing development of the aerospace industry, and more specifically to assist a company like VIMANA, which stands at the forefront of the commercial passenger AAV development. " - said Jeff Greason.


Greason will become an aerospace technology consultant for VIMANA AAV development team.